Spectrum - motorcycles auction
Spectrum is an approved facility by JEVIC for ;
NZ/Australian BioSecurity Check
Bikes and other Vehicles maybe prechecked
before packing/export at Spectrums Facility

New Year Holiday

Spectrum will be Closed for New Year holidays from
27-Dec to 4-Jan.

Jon will attend any auctions during that time as Normal. Please Bid as normal.
The Auction schedules are below for this period.

[ Bike Auction ]
<Last Auction in this year>
USA Bike Auction --- 19 Dec (Fri)
Satellite 3 --- 23-Dec (Tue)
Satellite 4 --- 23-Dec (Tue)
Home --- 24-Dec (Wed)
Satellite 2 --- 25-Dec (Thu)
Satellite 5 --- 26-Dec (Fri)
Home/Satellite 1 --- 26-Dec (Fri)

<First Auction in 2015>
USA Bike Auction --- 9 Jan (Fri)
Satellite 3 --- 6-Jan (Tue)
Satellite 4 --- 6-Jan (Tue)
Home --- 7-Jan (Wed)
Satellite 2 --- 8-Jan (Thu)
Satellite 5 --- 9-Jan (Fri)
Home/Satellite 1 --- 9-Jan (Fri)

[ Car Auction ]
Last Auction in this year --- 26-Dec
First Auction in 2013 --- 7-Jan

[ Other Auction ]
Last Parts Auction in this year --- 26-Dec (Fri)
First Parts Auction in 2015 --- 9-Jan (Fri)
Last OA Auction in this year --- 23-Dec (Tue)
First OA Auction in 2015 --- 13-Jan (Tue) --
Last Heavy Equipment Auction in this year --- 27-Dec (Tue)
First Heavy Equipment Auction in 2015 --- 10-Jan (Tue)

Welcome to Spectrum.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. It is our desire to open up a vast amount of opportunities to you in a simple risk free way. We have found through over 18 years in this industry, good advice is worth a thousand pictures or words. Whether buying New, Used, or Damaged Motorcycles, Cars, Airplanes and other items we sell, it is the desire to see you happy with the best possible buy that gives Spectrum the edge. Spectrum doesn't just sell; we work as a team with you to find you the best oportunities. Each area has skilled English speakers to help you buy what you need.

If you have had the experience of buying from Japan before you will know it is all about the people on the ground. If this is your first time to import, we will make it easy with needed advice and knowledge in exporting to over 41 countries around the world.

Spectrum has a full time office in New Zealand and we are looking for other countries to set up.